FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I'm interested in scheduling a free trial session or weekly sessions. What do I do?
Take a look at the calendar to see if there's a time that works for you. If you are optimistic and hope to schedule weekly sessions, look at least a month ahead to make sure the time slot is really open. (Scheduling weekly sessions is risk-free; I never ask for a long-term commitment and we can cancel future sessions any time, and the first hour is always no charge.) If you find a time you like, please read my new students page, then get in touch. Please be specific about start dates and times. If you can't find a weekly time that works for you, we can schedule on an ad hoc basis until one opens up. Also please make sure I know the student's first and last names and middle initial.
Today is a holiday/vacation day/snow day/religious holiday/solar eclipse/whatever. Do we have a session today?
If it's on the calendar, yes! If not, no. Also please read this page.
Where do you hold sessions?
In remote sessions, anywhere on the Internet
What should I bring to my session?
Bring whatever you'd like to work on. Current assignments, unless I have a copy of your book, are helpful, and samples of recent work are also helpful. For remote sessions, please email those beforehand.
How do I reach you?
In general email is best unless we need to discuss something or it's urgent. If you need to reach me while I'm tutoring, text is best. Text or phone is also best if we're working together and you suspect that one of us has an Internet problem.
How and how much do I pay you?
It's all here.

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