FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Today is a holiday/vacation day/snow day/religious holiday/solar eclipse/whatever. Do we have a session today?
If it's on the calendar, yes! If not, no. Also please read this page.
Where do you hold sessions?
Either at my house, 81 Baker Ave, Lexington MA, or anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, in a virtual session.
When can I call/text?
Please email instead unless we need to discuss something or it's urgent. I work late and sleep late, so if you do need to call or text, please do so between 10:00 am and 11:00 pm. If you need to reach me while I'm tutoring, text is best.
How to I add a session on your calendar?
Check my calendar (making sure to read the instructions on that page) and send me an email with an explicit start date and time and I'll do what I can.
How and how much do I pay you?
It's all here.
Can I park in your driveway?
OMG! You're out of toilet paper!
I have a secret stash under the sink.

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